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The nigerdelta forms one of the worlds major hydrocarbon provinces and it is situated on the gulf of guinea on the west coast of africa southern part of nigeria. The main objective of this study is to perform geophysical. Geomechanical evaluation of an onshore oil field in the niger. Topography and lithofacies of the sea floor in meren field, offshore western niger delta chuku 1h. It is one of the largest regressive deltas in the world with an area onshore and offshore of 300,000 km 2 kulke, 1995. The niger delta started to evolve in early tertiary times when clastic river input increased doust and omatsola, 1989. Preliminary hydrocarbon analysis of crude oils from umutubomu. In contrast, the distribution of field sizes in the niger delta is uniform.

Jul 09, 2009 contains details on the geological units of nigeria and the associated mineral resources. The key environmental issues in the niger delta of nigeria relate to its petroleum and industry. Pdf sedimentary geochemistry is concerned with chemical. Mar 27, 2017 the delicate nature and abundant endowment of the niger delta mangrove swamp and freshwater ecosystem contrasts against the background of wanton pollution and degradation of the freshwater ecosystem in the region by a variety of sources ranging from oil spills, dredging, dumping of toxic wastes, seismic activities and waste water disposal into freshwater bodies in the region. Sequence stratigraphy and depositional sequence interpretation. Nov, 2015 6 geological overview the niger delta province petroleum geology i ss 2014 fig. C 1department of geology, university of port harcourt, rivers state, nigeria. Home to 20 million people and 40 different ethnic groups, this floodplain makes up 7.

Ladi jadesimi is a chartered accountant, with over 15 years of practice and took. Diagrammatic representation of the stratigraphic evolution of the niger delta. Niger delta, nigeria emujakporue godwin omokenu department of physics, university of port harcourt, rivers state, nigeria author email address. This basin is very complex, and it carries high economic value as it contains a very. For more information on the usgsthe federal source for science about the earth, its natural and. Geomechanical evaluation of an onshore oil field in the niger delta, nigeria fidelis ankwo abijah1, akaha celestine tse2 1,2department of geology, university of port harcourt, nigeria abstract. Late miocene to early pliocene palynostratigraphy and. Niger delta province, nigeria, cameroon, and equatorial guinea, africa by michele l. It is the most important in the west african continental margin.

Sequence stratigraphy of the niger delta, delta field, offshore nigeria. Analysis of oil samples from the niger delta nigeria revealed a range of structurally related hopanes, including 25norhopanes, and hopanoic and 25norhopanoic acids. Depobelt and structural play map of the niger delta basin showing the study area. Structural interpretation of seismic data from an xy field. Generally the delta prograded over the subsidizing continentaloceanic lithospheric transition zone, and during the oligocene spread onto oceanic crust of the gulf of guinea adesida et al. Geologic characteristics and production response of the n5. The country also has gold and coal and deposits of tin and phosphate were mined in the past. Geotechnical attributes of niger delta soils, warri environs, nigeria oghonyon rorome1, adeniran adedoyin a2 3and opaimi iniala 1,2,3department of geology, university of port harcourt, port harcourt, nigeria. The niger delta basin lithic fill is considered to be selfcontained in terms of its structural geology, since the ns and nwse trends of the underlying basement have not controlled the arcuate, shorelineparallel depobelt configuration dominating the delta tectonics.

Field evaluation in a complex sedimentary environment is always tedious due to problems associated with imaging of the subsurface in such areas. Geology and mineral resources of nigeria nuhu george obaje. Niger delta petroleum systems, nigeria request pdf researchgate. Global journal of geological sciences african journals online. Formation evaluation of an onshore oil field, niger delta. Structural and stratigraphic mapping of delta field, agbada. An estimate of oil window in nigeria niger delta basin from. In most other oil provinces, there is a noticeable skewness in the distribution of field sizes, e. S1 abstract the niger delta, an area of roughly 30,000km2, is experiencing physical development challenges due to poor soil conditions, a situation which has escalated project cost and as a consequence impeded development. Geology department ahmadu bello university zaria, nigeria e. Niger delta usgs pdf tertiary niger delta akataagbada petroleum system no. Niger delta is the youngest sedimentary basin within the benue trough system. A new threefold lithostratigraphic subdivision is introduced for the niger delta subsurface, comprising an upper sandy benin formation, an intervening unit of alternating sandstone and shale named the agbada formation, and a lower shaly akata formation.

The benue trough is one of the seven main sedimentary structural features in the sene nigeria. Introduction the niger delta is ranked among the worlds major hydrocarbon provinces in the world. Adelana sma, olasehinde pi, bale rb, vrbka p, edet ae and goni ib. Pdf seismic data were integrated with well log to define the subsurface geometry and hydrocarbon trapping potential of owem field. Abstract the study of geotechnical index properties of soils in warri, delta state was carried out to determine. Evaluation of hydrocarbon prospect of amu field, nigerdelta. Niger delta geographical region, africa britannica. During the cenozoic, until the middle miocene, the niger delta grew through pulses of sedimentation over an oceanwarddipping continental basement into the gulf of guinea.

Abstract in the niger delta province, we have identified one petroleum systemthe tertiary niger delta akataagbada petroleum system. Oil and gas in the niger delta are primarily produced from. Jul 30, 2007 the size and distribution of niger delta fields is remarkable. Heatflow hf is determined by combining the site thermal conductivity k. The niger delta basin, situated at the apex of the gulf of guinea on the west coast of africa, is one of the most prolific deltaic.

Crisis in the niger delta 5 the most pressing development needs are for better roads, water transport, power, and telecommunications. Delta field, niger delta, integration, stratigraphic mapping, structural interpretation, well logs. The study area is located within the northern depobelt of the niger delta sedimentary basin fig. Niger delta province, nigeria, cameroon, and equatorial guinea, africa. Stratigraphy and sedimentology of the niger delta in. The niger delta basin, also referred to as the niger delta province, is an extensional rift basin located in the niger delta and the gulf of guinea on the passive continental margin near the western coast of nigeria with suspected or proven access to cameroon, equatorial guinea and sao tome and principe. The niger delta is important in crude oil correlation studies because it is one of the. The researcher found that the bulk of the hydrocarbon encountered in the niger delta basin was found to be within a depth range of 5,473,381 ft 1,668. Many of the references below, and others relating to the hydrogeology of nigeria, can be accessed through the african groundwater literature archive.

Maps showing the geological setting of the niger delta in a section 8. Pdf sedimentology and ichnology of neogene coastal swamp. Request pdf niger delta petroleum systems, nigeria regional integration of results. The human development situation in the niger delta poverty in the niger delta the revenue base of human development governance and poverty the challenges of attaining the mdgs assessing progress the human development indices the hdi for the niger delta region the hp11 for the niger delta region. The distal shale toes of the prograding wedge and transgressive shales as well as highstand shales form seals for the stratigraphic traps formed in the study area. Modeling hydrocarbon generation potentials of eocene source rocks.

Niger delta petroleum systems, nigeria request pdf. The hydrocarbon reservoirs in this study were found to be in the agbada formation, which is in conformity with the geology of the niger delta, nigeria. Based on the previous statement geochemical analysis, combining existing. From the east edge of the niger delta south to the walvis.

Stratigraphic column showing the three formations of the niger delta. Estimation of reservoir potentials of two wells in niger. The second included the growth of a proto niger delta during the late cretaceous and ended in a major paleocene marine transgression. The third cycle, from eocene to recent, marked the continuous growth of the main niger delta. British shipping had been paramount there when the british slave trade had been abolished in 1807, and the merchants of the delta citystates had quickly adapted themselves to offering palm oil as an alternative export to slaves. Kurowska university of silesia department of fundamental geology sosnowiec poland abstract niger delta sedimentary basin is a large arcuate delta of the destructive dominated wave type that has been explored for oil and gas and exploited since 1958. The first began with a marine incursion in the middle cretaceous and was terminated by a mild folding phase in santonian time. Deltaic sedimentary environments in the niger delta, nigeria. Summary of the geology of the study area the studied area is located in parts of the onshore zone in the niger delta sedimentary basin, nigeria fig. Umunya section, niger delta basin, nigeria adaeze i. Pdf an overview of the geology and hydrogeology of nigeria.

Ethnic violence for control over the oilproducing niger delta region and. Tertiary niger delta akataagbada petroleum system no. Sedimentology and ichnology of neogene coastal swamp deposits in the niger delta basin, nigeria article pdf available in geologos 223. Pdf assessment of hydrocarbon potential in owem field in niger. The resulting geological framework of the niger delta is illustrated on figure 1. The two fields of study are the umutu field and the bomu oil field in the niger delta nigeria.

In nigeria, hydrocarbon is the major revenue base for na. Sequence stratigraphic tool, system tract deposits. Geology and petroleum systems of the offshore benin basin benin. The picked times were latter posted on the base map and then contoured by joining. Part 1 discusses the geology of the crystalline rocks and their regional distribution while the sedimentary basins constitute the subject of part 2. Its development began after the eocene tectonic phase. The geology of nigeria, as detailed in kogbe, is made up of three main rock. Stratigraphy and sedimentology of the niger delta 7 during the middlelate eocene, sediment was deposited fig. The eocene continental terminal is an unconfined sandstone aquifer. The niger delta is located in southern nigeria in west africa. The coastal sedimentary basin of nigeria has been the scene of three depositional cycles. Niger is bordered by algeria and libya to the north, chad to the east, nigeria and benin to the south, and mali and burkina faso to the west. Niger delta akataagbada petroleum system of9950h, chapter a. The study area is situated on the niger delta, nigeria latitudes 3 and 6n and longitudes 5 and 8e, fig.

If significant progress could be made on these fronts, much of the sense of injustice and marginalization on the part of the delta population would be assuaged. Doc geology of nigeria vincent kalu and stanless pee. Nigeria officially the federal republic of nigeria, is a country in west africa, bordering niger in. An overview of the geology and hydrogeology of nigeria. It is because of oil and gas that the international community is interested in the niger delta, but for local people, sand, soil and clay, periwinkle shells and salt are no less important. The tadelu field in western niger delta, nigeria, consists of a series of vertically stacked reservoirs in the agbada formation, thus making the field a complex sedimentary environment. To determine the source rock characteristics of deepwater nigeria, a total of 358.

However, a number of mineral resources are mined in the niger delta but oil is the most important. Stratigraphy and sedimentology of the niger delta geologos. Mined uranium is niger s biggest export, but mining remains a relatively small part of gdp. Wellbore failure reportedly accounts for more than 10% of drilling non productive time in the niger delta. Nigerian mining and geosciences society nmgs printed in nigeria.

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