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My instructor says turning my hands over is the easy part. What it really takes to square the clubface at impact. Rehearse this a few times, keeping an eye on the palm. Jul 01, 2003 believe it or not, the longheld belief that the clubface must be square through the hitting zone to hit straight shots is a myth. Square club face build an efficient, powerful, and consistent golf swing click here to access the free videos. The general concept is that the ball will leave the clubhead in teh way the clubhead is facing, so if you can get the clubhead back to exactly where it was facing at address, then a closed face will start the ball off to the left of target unless you have allowed for. Video golf tip square your clubface by john elliott, jr. That will normally result in a looped swing that is the reverse of starting with the club face too far. A square club face to this plane would see the leading edge of the club face vertical to the face of the plywood. Then he explained that because you generally set the club so the face is onequarter inch or so behind the ball, it needs to be slightly open to the target line at that point. Square your clubface with the palm down drill the golftec. Apr 19, 2009 im having trouble squaring the club face at impact. What it really takes to square the clubface at impact golfwrx. Ingenious design of the drivers level topplane eliminates the traditional domedshaped top, that flexes when the head makes contact with the ball.

If you want to hit a little draw, i want you to turn the back of your left hand little toward the ground at impact. How to close the clubface during the downswing in golf. Thus, a square clubface will allow any golfer to naturally more repeatable impact position. Now open your right hand and rest it along the shaft so the palm is facing the target and your. You understand that striking the ball with a square clubface keeps hooks and slices at bay. If it looked square and you didnt manipulate it during the swing, when the club returned to impact it would be slightly closed, causing a hook. The average golfer should play from a more square condition at the top rather than one that is radically shut i. As i understand it, what you are doing when you increase or decrease. Tips to prevent open club face at impact are key to fixing slice. Take your normal grip with your driver and address a ball on a tee. The leading edge of the club and the grooves on the. Oct 29, 2014 to facilitate the upandaround motion, there is a certain amount of rotation of the arms so that at the top of the swing the club face is no longer at right angles to the plane it is actually lying on the plane. As a drill to use, you can get yourself setup, take it away, clubface aligns to spine angle moving through and then get the clubface aligned to the spine angle on the shot through as well. Im standing here on the twelfth fairway at tethrow.

In this video, were going to show you a crucial element in your ability to square your face for longer and more accurate driving. There are three good check points that occur prior to impact to observe the position of the clubface. If you let the clubface rotate naturally, the palm moves underneath the shaft as you swing the club to the top. Many amateurs can achieve a square position at the top of the backswing so i will skip the square positions of the takeaway, halfway back, etc. Grip the club at the hosel so the shaft is to the left of your body. You might think its just an open face, but you could be slicing it with your path. Indeed, a square clubface does not lean one way or the. To square your clubface, you want the back of your left hand to face more toward the target at impact. If the clubface is square, the club will balance in these two fingers.

Jan 21, 2016 and when your palm is facing toward the ground, the clubface is more closed, or square, which is much more desired. Most teachers agree that the clubface should be somewhat parallel to the left forearm at the top of the backswing. Players who have their clubface open at impact usually move their head forward at impact or turn their head to the left at impact. Annabel rolley shares a simple drill to square the clubface in the impact zone. The offset golf club was developed and implemented as a gameimprovement technology in the late 1970s and early 80s. But for whatever reason, i cant do it with the driver. Driver golf club heads for sale monark golf golf is getting so much popular that everyone is now started playing this game.

The last thing is allow your forearms to rotate so that the clubface is square or slightly closing at impact remember the ball. This swing thought has you focusing on taking the club back so that the leading edge of the clubface is pointing towards the ground slightly when the shaft is parallel to the ground. If you dont see it in your inbox, remember to check your spam folder. Lets take a look at wrist action during the swing and what happens when you change conditions from address to the top, and how it affects the club face. Golf club face, what are the square club face positions. When the ball is contacted with a square club face the ball will not curve and travel in a straight line to the target. You could have the best swing in the world but if your club face isnt square at. Cobrapuma ambassadors, chase davis and chris cutchie share a drill to help you square the club face on the driving range meaning that. Club fitters measure a drivers bulge and roll using a handheld object with four curved sides, called a face radius gauge. Square clubface takeaway ideally you should pursue a square clubface during the takeaway. These can be helpful to golfers who slice a lot that closed face can help counteract the slice.

Start by evaluating your left hand and how you hold the club. Hit straighter club face square at impact senior golf tip. The goal of any good golf swing is to deliver the clubface square at impact. Impacts of a square, open, or closed clubface in golf. The link we sent to you for sign in was only valid for 5 minutes and is now. The clubface we call square is actually 90degrees open to the target. Oct 02, 2018 transcript hello, welcome to the tethrow golf club. Ive always done this, and now when i undo and redo my hands just before i swing, i. On the downswing, when your clubhead comes in front your right foot, i want you make sure to square your clubface.

Why a square club face can hurt your game golfgooroo by. Athletic instinct will always compensate in order to. This way, the club face is gradually rotating back to square throughout the downswing and much more slowly. Of course, this is impossible to time consistently and leads to very wild golf shots. One of the lowest maintenance and technically sound golf swings on tour belongs to steve stricker. Holding the club with your left hand only, flare out all but your pinkie and thumb. I use a neutral grip, but before i begin my take away, i always loosened and retighten my hands. Take a normal grip with your driver and address a ball teed up on the range. This is measured in degrees of rotation per second. This position sets you up in the ideal position where the club should naturally reach a square clubface at impact using a squareinsidesquare club path. Situated in between an open and a closed position, the square clubface will be one where the leading edge of the club will be perpendicular to the ground, again when the shaft is parallel to the ground. First, one has to understand that the loft of the face of the club itself can not change. Generally, a golfer is only able to keep the clubface square 12 the way up on the backswing and 12 the way through on the downswing.

The square head increases the club heads moment of inertia moi and reduces twisting during offcenter hits. Jan 17, 2007 an open face driver actually decreases the effective loft at impact assuming you square the clubface. Driver tips learn to square the clubface golfshake. You also know that the faster you swing the club, the farther your.

The position of your head at impact is important when you try to square or close your clubface at impact. Keep the club face square during the golf swing takeaway. If you align the clubface offcenter, youll produce excessive sidespin that the bulge cant overcome. Its amazing golf course designed by david mclay kit. If you change the setting and do not square the face, and you end up gripping the club and hitting your shot with a closed face angle, then yes, you hit it low left. Closed club face for maximum distance driving tip golf channel.

Ive got a few things to go over today with fans of tethrow and. Mar 05, 2012 the club face was something kendal kept harping on about. Controlling the club face is a skill that many golfers never fully develop, and because of that, they are never able to consistently control the golf ball. If the club is unsteady, your left is either too cupped open clubface or flat closed clubface. Most golfers flip the club in an effort to square the face. But if you hit lots of pulls or slices as a result, you should try other ways to fix your slice. As these check points get closer to impact they tend to have a greater effect, not only on the impact position, but also the outcome of the shot. High moi face keep the ball straight and long down. If a player fails to rotate his forearms enough to start the backswing, the club face tends to stay closed. The ideal method to practice this is to first rehearse slowly in a mirror for better feel and awareness of the clubface, and then start with small, slow swings while hitting balls before working your way to full shots. Most players then take the face and square it, thus adding the 1. The main part of the body that controls the club face during the golf swing are the hands. Steve buzza looks at the transition as a solution for an open face at impact.

Over the past 10 years, ive measured the activity of the clubface during tour players swings through the impact zone, and what ive learned is that not a single player holds the clubface square during the hitting area. Squaring the club face instruction and playing tips. At address, a club placed on the ground in a square position is one where the line of the clubface is perpendicular to the target line. Rory mcilroys powerful backswing how to square the. Clubface direction where to point the clubface during the.

If the arms dont rotate the club back to square, the shot will head hard left for a. As dave mentioned, most companies do produce a variety of face angles because of both manufacturing tolerances and clubhead design to help amateurs for a variety of reasons. This is the perfect driver for many golfers because it is easy to hit with, improves accuracy and distance and provides high trajectory without the backspin, dick johnson, a pga pro. Square your club face for straighter golf shots this weeks swing analysis looks at. There are several ways to verify this including several tour swings and an exercise you can do in the mirror at home. In junction to that we want the club to do work for us as well. Instructor hank haney points out this move not only gets the face in the right position for impact, but also it helps the club follow a shallow downswing plane so the path will favor a straight shot or slight draw. From doing my research, it appears that there is a lot of confusion as to what exactly the square to square golf swing is. How to square and close the clubface at impact golf tips.

I probably didnt fully what he was saying until years later. Golf club face, what are the square club face positions video by peter finch what are the square club face positions during a full golf swing. How to close your clubface into impact to fix slice golf. I have a tendency to leave the club face open when i hit. That placement, called a square clubface, is essential for solid contact. Nov 17, 2017 a square clubface at the top of the backswing is about 40 degrees. If you are swinging outside in and getting the club face to square, the ball will still spin right. The cure for this problem is to learn how to square the club face early. This is where we get extra speed from from little changes.

Recognizing the limitations of other square drivers namely, a lack of distancethe engineering team at thomas golf set out to craft a club that overcame common constraints. The reason was a square clubface was something i had considered one of golfs imperatives a rock solid fundamental that couldnt be broken. The leading edge of the club and the grooves on the clubface should be perpendicular to that line. On the way down, the palm gradually rotates back to impact, occupying the same. Square clubface takeaway illustrated golf swing thought. May 07, 2010 id worry that this would lead to too much of a descending blow for most right handers, and might cause too much backspin. Nov 17, 2015 3keys to square the face at impact duration.

The club face we call closed is actually square to the target, and the one we call open is even more open, about 180degrees open to the target. A square club face at impact isnt something that happens by accident rather, it is something that happens when you put the necessary time and effort into improving your golf swing. They sense the club face is open in the downswing and know they need to do something to try and send the ball toward the target. The first thing to look at in the quest to square up the club face is your grip.

The hands in the golf swing control the rotation of the club face through the golf ball. At address, a line drawn from the center of the clubface should pass through the center of the golf ball and lead directly to the target. As my face rotates, the toe is actually moving a little faster than the heel of the club. The proper face placement for your golf club sportsrec. The offset actually places the clubface slightly behind the hosel of the club. This position is referred to as square, but it is in fact 90 degrees open to the target line. Use an alignment rod to set up square and have a tee about two feet behind the ball. The driver s curvature can make alignment more difficult when youre on the tee. Jan 03, 2018 by jon tattersall january 3, 2018 you understand that striking the ball with a square clubface keeps hooks and slices at bay. That will normally result in a looped swing that is the reverse of starting with the club face too far open, with the downswing coming inside to outside. Since the club head swings on this plane, then at any time during the swing, the alignment of. May 24, 2019 the standard clubface position is square, with the face of the club pointing straight ahead.

You also know that the faster you swing the club, the farther your drives will. In this lesson, we teach you a simple method you can utilize to make your driver golf club a little heavier to locate the center of your club face and hit the golf ball farther. That is a great checkpoint to use to make sure that the clubface is still square. Also, note that most golf club manufacturers offer drivers whose face angles are intentionally closed. Uses extra weight in the heel to encourage a ball strike thats more square, larger sweet spot on the club face to reduce penalty from mishits, looks just like a nondrawbiased driver. The myth of the closed face driver clubs, grips, shafts. How to position the golf club at the top of the swing. Find a release that squares the clubface at impact golfwrx. Check out this index for easy access to all of our coverage of golf news, instruction, equipment and courses. A square face at the top it is important to understand that the angle of the clubface will influence a golfers ability to get into a proper impact position. If you have any questions about the square strike wedge, you can email customer support by filling out the form or sending an email to email protected squarestrikewedge. If your clubface is square when it first touches the ball, and you correctly allow the clubface to rotate six degrees counterclockwise, youll get a sixdegree hook that starts left of the target and. An open face or open clubface occurs when the clubface is aligned to the right of the target. The ideal method to practice this is to first rehearse slowly in a mirror for better feel and awareness of the clubface, and then start with small, slow swings while hitting balls before working.

Designers know the two main causes of the slice are an open club face at impact and. Letting the club rotate open and closed to give it something extra, is just. And when your palm is facing toward the ground, the clubface is more closed, or square, which is much more desired. Ive had several lessons this year making sure my swing path, grib, etc. Research has shown that tour pros such as tiger woods rotate the club face closed through impact as much as deg sec slower than the average high handicapper.

Make sure to square the center of the clubface with the ball. Each side corresponds to a different radius, measured in inches typically 8, 10, 12 and. Use these three tips to square the clubface and drive it. Add weight to your driver golf club for more distance pga. If we were to hold off the release, lets imagine i hit this golf ball and now im just holding off, my face stays square, square, square, the whole way through, i never let it turn over, im losing some club head speed. Michael breed, host of the golf fix, teaches why a closed club face will benefit you off the tee. If youre struggling with weak shots ballooning too high and to the right as a righthander, this is likely caused by an open clubface at impact, which, for many, occurs in the downswing. This is in contrast to seeing it pointing towards the sky, or too aggressively towards the ground.

Use these three tips to square the clubface and drive it better than ever. For this tip we have a red line on the ground, down the target line, a red line on the center of the face of my 9iron from top to bottom, and we have a thick rectangular red line covering the bottom grooves of my 7iron. Square clubface takeaway this swing thought has you focusing on taking the club back so that the leading edge of the clubface is pointing towards the ground slightly when the shaft is parallel to the ground. Measuring 58mm top to bottom, the club easily compensates for the ball rolling up the face at.

Trying to hit the imaginary ball in front of your right foot is good idea. Is it too underneath, too over the top of the grip or perfectly gripped with your fingers gripping the club. If you sole the driver the face can close because of the ground contact point. The bowing starts the clubface moving down in a closed position, ensuring a square or closed clubface at impact.

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