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Dont believe me on my word, after reading and understanding it, research it for yourself. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected. Astronomer gill broussard predicts planet x nibiru flyby. Planet7x july 14, 2017 update gill broussard with alex backman. Sir timothy taught on the topic is it gods will to heal everyone. Planet x diamond star light beacon apocalyptic times. His next installment to the planet 7x journey will dive deeper into the research with gill broussard, his evidence and the watchmen on the wall in finding out if planet 7x is a part of end times prophecy. Planet ix may actually be the mythical planet x january 23, 2016. Planet 7x the destroyer this way comes unofficial teaser trailer. Using the 501 ratio of the visual effect of planet7x 7 x earths diameter, traveling at a distance from earth of 70% of the distance between the moon and earth. Planet7x free 2021 pdf book see link below youtube. Planet7x kelb radio gill broussard interview part 2 of 6 it does. Gill books to publish third book from awardwinning cookbook author susan jane white. Kevin shipp the company of shadows a view from the bunker.

This is also what the bible alludes to in the book of revelation and luke on the latter days as abaddon the destroyer. It is thus impossible for any faithful catholic who is aware of these things to adopt this reform, or to submit to it in any way at all. His next installment to the planet 7x journey will dive deeper into the research with gill broussard, his evidence and the watchmen on the wall in finding out. Plagues pestilences and planet x gill broussard annex. Fourth watch radio, gill broussard, planet x, planet 7x, antichrist, enki. Top special forces soldier says planet x nibiru is coming july 21, 2016. Stephen wright from rage to redemption podcast april 26, 2020 vftb 42620. And then shall appear the sign of the son of man in heaven. For a free copy of all relevant charts, contact gill. Planet7x free 2021 pdf book see link below duration. Preston and kelly condra faith in difficult times a view from the bunker may 3, 2020 vftb 5320. Gill broussard, creator of the planet x 7x hypothesis, explores the topic of planet x nibiru. Gill broussard like carlos ferrada in spanish a while ago, and others is one of a long line of dreamers like immanuel velikovsky in 1950.

See more ideas about planets, noah flood and planet nibiru. Planet x november 6 2015 to march 27 2016 timeline page 2. In that program, gill broussard challenged the work of zecharia sitchin, author of the 12th planet, with several unsubstantiated claims. I have come across gill broussard who talks about the same planet. Someone sent me this link about gill broussards work and. More warnings of great trouble coming in 2020 z3 news. Planet x presents powerful and compelling evidence that the most critical events of the bible the creation of the heavens and earth, the birth of christ, and his second coming are all three bound together by the regular reappearance of a mysterious tenth planet in our solar system. He uses the name planet 7x to distinguish himself from those believing in the popular characteristics of nibiru such as the 3,600 year orbit. Now you can listen to the barking fox on hebrew nation radio al mccarn, mike clayton, barry phillips, and hanoch young are cohosts of the remnant road the monday edition of the hebrew nation morning show.

Unfortunately for op, broussards planet x does not exist. As you can imagine, the gravitational effects of a sizable planet moving close to the inner solar system would spell big trouble for planet earth. Gills most popular book is gods promises for your every need. More warnings of great trouble coming in 2020 october 28, 2016 4. Amateur astronomer gill broussards invented the term for his version of planet x that he. Gill broussard offers free planet x 7x nibiru ebook december 21, 2015 john moore. See more ideas about planets, our solar system and scientific american.

The adventure includes ancient accounts of biblical events and end times prophecy, upcoming predictions and devastating. Come join a live hunt for gill broussards planet 7x. Gill broussards website he started digging deeper and deeper when he discovered that very strange astronomical claims in the bible were corroborated by thorough astronomical records in china, korea and japan. Ive conducted other searches for other theories regarding a planet x and right now im conducting my own search for planet 9 as well. He has also sought to unravel some of the rather obscure passages of scripture that describe strange, and even cataclysmic, events. According to the blood moon tetrads of 20142015, a huge sign, which occurred on passover and tabernacles 2014 and 2015, we have been warned that since two blood moons on those feast days of israel have occurred, we therefore have two more years.

The barking fox on hebrew nation radio the barking fox. The name given planet x by gil broussard is planet 7x which is somewhat confusing. The current planet 9 theory is based on a completely different set of evidence and predicts a completely different planet at an even greater distance. Fallen angels in the ohio valley over 300 historical accounts of giant skeletons israel british isles ohio valley by fritz kushikwesibooks. Ive always considered that there will be a near passby of a large planet or asteroid near the end of the great tribulation. Nibiru brings the 3 dark days sammy omosh 444 prophecy. This rogue planet x, so named by nasa, and so named by astronomers for the past century, is nibiru.

Planet ebook 100% free literature for win, mac, ios. Plagues pestilences and planet x gill broussard annex 1. In this episode justen welcomes gill broussard to discuss his latest research and views concerning planet x. Our guest gill broussard joined us to share what he has researched regarding the controversial planet x. Download the full show by clicking download on this page, then choosing the format you want. For example, the scientific community is no longer looking for harringtons version of planet x, we already know that does not exist. Broussards planet 7x is not the same and is now disproven. Republic news radio with gill broussard, planet7x youtube.

Nibiru, planet x, nemesis, the destroyer, wormwood, hercolubus, comet typhon expected in year 2021. If you want to propose your own planet x theory, go make your own thread instead of complaining on mine. Comment on there is glass in the sky by sumstuff52donald sarty someone sent me this link about gill broussards work and the large glass dome he talks about and depicts and far more he is saying that a 210 ft thick diamond spherical wall is the only material that could withstand the pressure of earths atmosphere. Still we have now officially according to nasa, 9 planets. It is time to tell the truth about nibiru and planet x. He says that no matter what people call this object, it is actually planet 7x and presently has an orbit of between 316 324 years. Planet x, the sign of the son of man, and the end of the. Nasa has degraded pluto from planet to moon and called planet x, now planet 9. It is given this name to indicate it is 7 times the size of earth.

Planet 7x ebook gill broussard has done extensive research into ancient sightings of mystery objects in the skies throughout human history. This second vatican council reform, since it has issued from liberalism and from modernism, is entirely corrupt. Join facebook to connect with gill broussard and others you may know. What if anything do you believe about the so called. Does it take nibiru 3,607 years to complete one orbital journey. Gil broussards planet 7x pdf something terrible is coming by way of planet 7x, also known as nibiru, 7x the size of earth, by approximately passover, march, 2016. Of course he listened to broussard, the op plagiarized broussard and used broussards arrival date for planet x. While the world reads gossipstyle books on the current political scenario, behind the scenes everything is happening. A chat with gill broussard about p7x, planet x, bible. Always check once a month for latest revisions update on charts.

The problem with 7x, with gill broussard, immanuel velikovsky in 1950, and the rest of the planet x or nibiru is that the theory rapidly converts into a religious sect. To separate information in a conversation from what data source you are using. Listed below are the ten false claims i recognize in planetx. Planet 7x researcher, gill broussard, recently appeared in a documentary titled watchers nine. Gill broussard when p7x is seen, it will look like a star similar to the way you see venus and jupiter in the nighttime sky. Only the last 2 12 weeks of its approach will it appear sizable and threatening to the public eye.

Gill broussard latest interview apr 03 2020 planet 7x. Written by gary shogren we live in an age when every few years, someone steps up to announce a fatal comet or rogue planet or asteroid. Timeline for planet 7x the findings of gill broussard. Audioonly of just the teaching here rightclick save as. It says, quite specifically and quite clearly, gill broussards planet 7x. There a great deal of information on planetx that does not.

When they hear doubts about these theories, the faithful immediately counterattack with accusations of stupidity, blindness, brainwashing, being coconspirators with nasa. Planet 7x researcher, gill broussard, recently appeare. Gill broussards planet 7x orbital elements have been reverse engineered. Clever batch, the new book from irish book award winner susan jane white, will be published by gill books this september and is availbale to preorder from today. My books title helps redirect people intrigued by the planet x theory to the truth. Why accept that individuals relegated to a free youtube account can. Exclusive interview with gill broussard discussing the latest planet x news, information, charts, timeframes, location possibilities.

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